trenton white????????


Pokemon Amie - Shuckle

Requested by doug-dimmadang


all of the Daft Punk merch I HAVEN’T BOUGHT YET FROM THE SITE

like the pins

oh man how did i forget really


I bought cassius Au Rêve vinyl!!

someone already uploaded this album art, but I found pictures of DP (and their friends) in swimming!!

in picture 3 in front of man has chubby body and long hair..definitely Guy-man!

sorry for low quality I do my best for scanning more clearly but all images pretty small ;_;

and I can’t find this pic in my vinyl it only contains in CD ;_; 

I hope you guys like it!

full image link

oh my god i forgot where i saw these recently but aaaaaaaa.

thank you OP.

I’ll post art next month when I’m back in school.

I’ll probably be more active then too.


oh eumm.. my snapchat is Hinankh if anyone does that.

yes yes, I’m sorry for coming and going so much as well. ;___;


do you ever see an art style and just go

 oh my go d


it’s so beaut iful


It’s about time I get myself out of this art block by drawing things, haha.

Thanks for the ask, Servo! Here’s some Daft Punk C:


idk if anyone that follows me plays brave frontier but if YOU DO please inbox me your ID so I can add you

and if you play town of salem that too yes :D